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We offer our customers high-quality promotional material for retail, graphic material for trade shows, and signs and banners printed on a wide range of substrates, all with an indoor lightfastness of 75 years and a resolution of up to 2,800 dpi. Our range of digital print media range from glossy and matte standard media to special media made of synthetic fibers, Tyvek or vinyl.

We use cutting plotters and transfer presses to perfectly complement our digital print services. For example, we can create letterings for vehicles and display windows or embellish T-shirts, bags, and hats. On request, we can also provide additional services, such as lamination or customized flags and banners.

Range of digital printing services


Digital Printing is useful for:

  • Photo printing
  • Display & signage
  • Proofing
  • Fine art printing
  • Exhibition panels & stand-up displays
  • Banners & backlights for light boxes
  • Plotter fonts
  • Textile finishing



EPSON Stylus Pro 11880


The EPSON Stylus Pro 11880 combines Epson’s latest innovative ink-jet technologies. The new Epson Micro Piezo TFP print head and Epson Ultra Chrome K3 inks with Vivid Magenta technology produce brilliant, long-lasting, and consistent results.


Pigment ink

Nine print heads


  • Cyan
  • Vivid Magenta
  • Yellow
  • Light Cyan
  • Vivid Light Magenta
  • Light Black
  • Light Light Black
  • Photo Black
  • Matte Black


Possible applications:

Perfect for proofing, photos, and art prints up to 162.60.


Print quality with the highest possible resolution of 2,880 x 1,440 dpi



Up to 75 years for color prints Up to 100 years for black & white prints



From 254mm to 1,626mm

Media width



From 297mm to 1,626mm

Media width



Material Intended use
Standard paper matte 90g/m² + 180g Ideal for high-quality image displays, white
Photo paper Ilford glossy 290g/m² FineArtPrint (premium-quality large format photo print)
Photo paper standard glossy 290g/m² FineArtPrint (large format photo print)
Photo Rag Hahnemühle smooth 308g/m² FineArtPrint (premium-quality large format photo print)
German Etching Hahnemühle structured 310g/m² Width: 118cm FineArtPrint (premium-quality large format photo print)
Photo paper standard glossy, semi-matt 235g/m² Width: 118cm FineArtPrint (large format photo print)
Canvas (canvas structure), matte 235g/m² Matte white canvas material with coating; B1-certified; good color reproduction; for indoor use only, e.g. painting reproduction, covering stretched frames
Outdoor Vinyl 80mµ, matte, SK Self-adhesive vinyl film for use on even, smooth surfaces; outdoor durability of 1 – 3 years; option of permanent or non-permanent adhesiveness (signs, stands, banners)
Backlite glossy, 140µm 480g/m² PVC banner; B1-certified; slightly glossy, white; high color brilliance with illumination; must be transported only when rolled up; ideal for illuminating outdoor areas
Texpo Banner Spyder display 270g/m² Indoor, outdoor
RollUp Film 175g/m² matte Robust and extremely versatile; images printed on this material guaranteed to be beautifully brilliant; silver back, scratch-resistant, and 100% opaque front.





The unique frame for a high-quality illuminated photo display


The Llumibox is an ultra-flat light panel with high-quality LEDs and a sophisticated design. It produces brilliant colors and uniform illumination across the entire surface.

The practical magnetic mount lets change the design quickly and efficiently.


You get your chosen image along with the Llumibox and can request additional designs for a great price!


The Llumibox is available in various sizes and includes a print:


Format prices:

21.0 x 29.7cm €169
42.0 x 29.7cm €209
70.0 x 50.0cm €335
84.1 x 59.4cm €375
100 x 70.0cm €495
incl. VAT


FastFrame – the innovative stretcher frame


This frame is made of pressed cardboard with a self-adhesive surface. The material used makes it a very lightweight frame. With FastFrame, your favorite photos are displayed beautifully and professionally.


Print, attach, fold – done!


We can print your photos digitally onto canvas or photo paper, attach them to the frames, and send you the finished product. You also have the option to buy a blank FastFrame without a digital print.



Half Frames


Besides the practical locking system, magnetic aluminum frames offer other advantages thanks to the material used: they are extremely stable but very lightweight. The subtle, timeless appeal of aluminum frames is a universal feature of these chic yet practical magnetic frames.


420 x 594mm = €55
500 x 700mm = €70
incl. VAT




The X-Banner is an affordable, simple, lightweight, and fast solution for displaying advertising material indoors. You can build your display in seconds and change the designs yourself at any time. Designs for X-Banners can be printed on a range of materials, including fabric, tarpaulin, or special roll-up film, with eyelets in the corners.

The following sizes are available: A4, A3, 600 x 1,600mm and 1,000 x 2,000mm


600 x 1600mm = €105.91
incl. VAT
Other prices on request




Quick-Banner with double-sided click system, 1,000 x 2,000mm. The Quick-Banner is a flexible way to present your company or product at trade shows, exhibitions, etc. It is delivered with a nylon bag as standard. A 50-watt lamp and a transport bag can be ordered as extras. Can be used with any material.


2,000 x 1,000mm = €141.61
incl. VAT



Wood stretcher frames


The corners of all wood stretcher frames are joined with two solid hardwood wedges. The wedging mechanism means the canvas material can be stretched to be crease-free. The frames are stabilized solely by the canvas fabric, the joints at the ends of the bars, and the wedges.


Available in various sizes. Prices on request.



Hahnemühle Gallerie Wraps


Hahnemühle Gallerie Wraps are made from self-adhesive frames, support bars, and clamps. There are two versions with frames of different depths. The matching “corner set” with re-usable positioning corners and enough glue for multiple frames lets you assemble the frame in minutes without any additional tools.


Available in various sizes. Prices on request.



Foldable frames


Foldable aluminum frames with anti-reflective protective film and stable plastic back panel – 25mm wide, slightly rounded profile, either with mitered corners or chrome-finished rounded corners.
This frame can be either fixed or hung to the wall; the picture can be changed from the front.


707 x 1,000mm = €82.11
297 x 420mm = €41.65
210 x 297mm = €29.75
incl. VAT



Aluminum clamping rails


Aluminum poster clamping rails are perfect for hanging heavy or large advertising banners. Simply slide the top and bottom edges of the banner into the clamping rails and fix them in place. You change then use the two plastic eyelets to hang it from the ceiling or against the wall.


Available in various sizes. Prices on request.