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For more than 46 years, we have been offering etching technology and special printing of all kinds.
With the help of our special printing processes (screen printing, pad printing, digital printing / UV printing) we are able to print almost any shape and almost any material. This distinguishes us from classic print shops and copy shops, which are more specialized in the field of print. Custom-made designs are always welcome and represent a special challenge – true  to the motto “Nothing is impossible!” . We are happy to test our feasibility in the form of a color and scratch test on your product and discuss with you the possibilities of printing.


We are your contact in the field of printing for:


  • Special projects that require advice or assistance with development
  • Special small or medium quantities, prototypes or pilot series
  • Special shaped bodies that are particularly difficult to print
  • Special materials that can not be printed using conventional methods


Our printing methods:

Etching Technology

The etching process allows fine structures to be created by removing material in thin sheets or metal foils without the application of external force. The spray etching process is an effective alternative to punching and laser technology. More…

Screen Printing

Compared to other graphic techniques such as woodcut, etching and lithography, screen printing is a very new process. The commercial version is barely 100 years old, while the artistic version is barely 50 years old. More…

Pad printing

This printing method is rooted in the watch and ceramics industries. The Decalcier process, which was already well-know and used in the Swiss watch industry, was a direct precursor to pad printing. More…

Digital Printing

We offer our customers high-quality promotional material for retail, graphic material for trade shows, and signs and banners printed on a wide range of substrates, all with an indoor lightfastness of 75 years and a resolution of up to 2,800 dpi. More…

IsoLam® 3D conductive path

The IsoLam® manufacturing process was specially developed in-house for the specialized production of 3D conductive paths, which can also be used as flexible conductive paths. More…

Textile Printing

Textile printing means we can print on a wide range of clothing and materials. To do this, we use various heat transfer films, such as flex and flock films. Our wide range of machines allows us to print even small quantities in multiple colors. More…

Round Printing

Round printing is used to print on flat, cylindrical, and slightly conical items. A screen is required for this, just like in the “flat” screen printing. More…

Additional Processing / Refinement

On request, we can refine screen-printed and etched items. You can choose from the following additional processes More…

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Union-Klischee is an annuized industrial company specializing in etching technology and celebrating its 45th anniversary in 2016.

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