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Screen Printing


Screen printing offers many advantages over other printing techniques and is used in almost all commercial and industrial economic and commercial areas. Basically everything that takes on color can be printed in screen printing. We can print on almost any material, surface, and many different shapes and formats. Other advantages of this printing process are the longevity of the colors and the high edge sharpness of the printed image. We can manufacture scales, type plates, labeling foils, special front foils, etc. in a wide variety of shapes and designs.

Products with screen printing technique


We offer both industrial printings as well as imprints in the field of advertising technology. Through our various machinery, we can almost print all the materials, surfaces and many different forms and formats screen printing – from flat surfaces by curved shapes to cylindrical molded parts (printing on molded bodies).

Industrial printing

  • casing
  • Resistance elements
  • Scale plates
  • Foils (e.g. control foils / keyboard foils, front foils, insulating foils)
  • Stickers (e.g. security stickers, nameplates, doming stickers)
  • Maintenance & security badges
  • UV & weather resistant signs
  • Traffic signs
  • Plastic case

Advertising printing

  • Displays & displays
  • Textiles (e.g. T-shirts, cloth bags)
  • Round body (e.g. bottles, glasses)
  • Packaging (e.g. cans) USB sticks

Reference examples

  • Housing for medical technology and electronics (e.g. anemometer, sterilization devices)
  • Resistance elements
  • Scale plates
  • Plastic case
  • Security sticker
  • Stickers for crash test dummies
  • type signs
  • Insulating foils
  • Glass vials
  • Glass carafes
  • Chalkboard display for restaurants
  • Beverage crate seat boards for restaurants
  • Modules for a fluorescent art sculpture
  • Electronic membership cards
  • Packaging, e.g. Tin cans
  • Awards, e.g. golden records
  • Cloth bags and paper carrier bags
  • clothing
  • USB sticks

Printing process for molded body printing in the screen printing process


Round, flat, cylindrical and slightly conical articles are printed. As with “flat” screen printing, a screen is required for printing. The molded body to be printed is first placed on a receptacle, which is located below the screen. In contrast to planographic printing, the product is moved on these machines. While the ink is pressed through the screen from above, the object to be printed is rotated under the screen and printed at the same time.With the circular printing process, we can print products up to 360 °. One example is the printing on the front and back of vials.

Screen printing – technical details


Almost all materials, surfaces and formats can be screen printed. Here are just a few examples:

Materials / surfaces

Polyester film
PVC film soft / hard
Acrylic glass
Metals (painted, anodized, powder-coated)
Cardboard / paper
And much more


Print formats up to 500 x 900 mm

Cylindrical moldings are particularly suitable for circular printing.

Color systems
RAL design

Processing / finishing

If desired, there is the possibility to refine the screen and etching articles. The following further processing is available to you: (If your desired finishing is not listed here, simply call us or use our contact form for your inquiry. We will be happy to advise you.)


  • bending
  • emboss
  • varnishing
  • laminating
  • print on
  • gilding
  • nickel plating

Advantages of screen printing


• Products can be printed up to 360 °
Many shapes, materials and formats printable
High edge sharpness of the printed image
Longevity of the colors
Multi-colored printing possible
UV and weather resistant colors
No halftone dots
Full-surface paint application
Very fine line widths

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