Vacuum forming, thermoforming, deep drawing


Thermoforming of plastics


The process for forming thermoplastics for small series offers an inexpensive alternative to injection molding. A plastic plate is used as the starting material for the thermoforming process, which is drawn into any shape during deep drawing by means of the action of heat and vacuum.

Deep-drawing printed materials


Our know-how lies in the printing and subsequent deep-drawing of the materials. Not only design prints but also function prints can be realized with us as requested.

Production of small series – prototypes


We design and manufacture a deep-drawing mold according to your requirements. Fast production and high precision of the plastic parts are made possible and the consistent quality of the products is guaranteed.

Thermoforming process – technical details

Material thicknesses

ca. 0,2 mm – 6 mm


646 mm x 620 mm

Forming depth

325 mm

Uses for thermoformed parts


From precise industrial and medical areas to advertising technology and model making. The versatility of the deep-drawing process enables us to supply customers in many different industries, from precise industrial and medical sectors to advertising technology and model making.

Application examples

  • technical housing parts
  • Disguises
  • Models
  • Art objects
  • Promotional items

We like to provide comprehensive advice about the possibilities.