Textile Printing

Useful Information


Textile printing means we can print on a wide range of clothing and materials. To do this, we use various heat transfer films, such as flex and flock films. Our wide range of machines allows us to print even small quantities in multiple colors.


Flex printing:

In flex printing, a completely smooth and extremely thin film is cut with a cutting plotter. The film is then welded to the fabric with pressure and intense heat.
Flex printing is particularly suitable for slogans, text, and logos on T-shirts and other textiles that do not require any special color gradients. The advantage of flex printing is that this method produces resistant and particularly long-lasting prints. Color brilliance is also excellent and durable.


Flock printing:

Unlike flex printing, flock printing uses more of a velvety, extremely soft film. This film is also cut with a cutting plotter. The designs are also transferred onto the textiles using extreme heat and pressure. Flock printing produces structured prints that are better-suited to smaller printing surfaces.