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Unsere Spezialdruckverfahren für die Medizintechnik

Medical technology


Our wide range of services in medicine extends from small precision etched parts for use in pacemakers to the printing of large housings – for example for sterilization devices.

Our special printing processes (screen printing, pad printing, digital printing / UV printing) enable the printing of medical products that meet the high medical requirements. For example, some printed images must be smudge-proof, scratch-proof and disinfectant-proof.

Our orders as a medical technology supplier


Our special print jobs also include the printing of medical components with metallic compounds, such as the printing of insulating foils for pacemakers with tungsten. With the help of our special printing process, a mixture of tungsten and paint is applied to the insulating film through which the printing becomes visible on X-ray images. The X-ray detectability of the printed image is of enormous importance for medical technology. Information such as the name of the manufacturer, the device and model number or technical key figures can be identified in this way during the imaging.


Another area of application is the X-ray-compatible printing of shielding plates that keep radiation away from surrounding components.

References for medical technology devices

  • Printing of housings
  • Printing of control surfaces / keyboard foils
  • Printing on plastic cases
  • Printing of insulating foils for pacemakers
  • Printing of optical lenses
  • Printing of security stickers

Reference examples of etching technology

  • Shielding plates / shielding housings / panels
  • wiring strips
  • 3D conductive path
  • Pulse disks
  • Fine mesh sieves
  • Contact springs
  • Device parts

Areas of applications of the 3D conductive paths in medical technology

  • Pacemaker
  • Defibrillators
  • Joysticks
  • Heart rhythm monitors

Highest precision with etching technology


With the help of etching technology, we manufacture customer-specific precision etched parts in the millimeter range. The smallest parts that have been manufactured by us so far include a battery strip with a size of 2 x 3.5 mm and a cover with a diameter of 2.9 mm.

The method IsoLam®


The IsoLam® process developed and patented by us was specially developed by us and enables the special production of flexible 3D conductor tracks under clean room conditions.

Additional Services


Our other services include development work, tool construction, the creation of measurement reports and the completion of quality certificates. On request, we can carry out a 100% quality control for you.